Chris’ Story

Chris Boseman was 32 years old when he died from a heroin overdose on Aug. 12, 2014. Chris loved everyone and everyone loved him.  He was handsome, funny, loving, giving, tenderhearted, kind, a wonderful son and brother.  Chris hurt his back which required surgery and he became addicted to the pain pills.  When he could no longer get the medication, he bought pain medication on the street but the cost was $65 – $75 per pill.  He couldn’t afford it for long so his dealer eventually told him “this will do the same thing but it’s only $10.”  That is when Chris made the switch from prescription pain pills to heroin.  Some people think the only way to use heroin is by injecting but that isn’t true. You can also snort heroin. Chris’ family and friends had no idea about his addiction until a near fatal overdose in 2013.

After his overdose, Chris tried hard to fight his addiction.  He had a couple of relapses but by August 2013, it appeared he had successfully overcome the demon.  Chris enrolled at Rock Valley College where he studied Construction Management with Green Technology. He was in a relationship with a wonderful young lady.  He had just received FAFSA approval to pay for the balance of his school.  He was a year away from graduating.  Life looked great.  No one knew the struggle he was still battling inside because he was so ashamed.  Chris was home alone, just a little over 1 year clean when he relapsed and died.


Chris, we love and miss you more than you will ever know.


Tammy Wardemann- Hope Over Addiction